I am following a tutorial for isometric design. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFHxknDs4Mk&t=208s)

My problem is when I finished the first path as in the tutorial I can not start a new one which continues the old one.

It shows me "delete anchor point" even I set normal pen tool. And when I set the "add anchor point tool" it shows me "Please use the add anchor point tool on segment of a path".

I will post here the screenshot for better understanding.

enter image description here

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Deselect (Ctrl+Shift+A) your previous path if you are going to draw a new starting from a point where already exists a node of the previous path. Otherwise you kill the existing node.


(Didn't view the video)

I'm guessing here.....

You can use the Pen Tool to click the end anchor on a path and then continue that path. You don't need the Minus Anchor or Add Anchor tools. The regular Pen Tool does this.

Where you might be having the problem could be due to object stacking.

If the end anchor you want to click is below another path, then the pen tool will always see the top object and never the anchor below it.

The solution it to change the stacking order of the objects so that the open path you want to continue is on top of other objects. Using the Selection Tool (black arrow), click the open path and choose Object > Bring to Front. Then go back to the Pen Tool and try continuing the path.

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