I downloaded this kindle ebook from Gutenberg and opened it on my Kindle, and there is this amazing typeface, which I have a hard time to recognize.

Screenshot from Kindle

I passed this image through all possible font search engines. I found many "typewriter" type of fonts, but nothing that will be exactly "clean" as this one....

Maybe someone of you know what kind of typeface is that?

  • Your link goes to a list of several ebooks. If you did download the "Kindle with images" version, you got a .mobi file. Now your Kindle will display one of its inbuilt fonts, at least my Kindle does. So please provide more information on your own Kindle: is it a real divice or a virtual Kindle? What generation? On my Kindle the Typefaces look different. – Martin Zaske May 4 '19 at 23:55
  • How did you get that screenshot please? I have never seen a way to do that on a Kindle? – Martin Zaske May 4 '19 at 23:57
  • 1
    Screenshot from Kindle is taken by pressing two opposite corners at the same time. Then connect Kindle via USB to your laptop and get screenshots from the root folder – Bartosh Polonski May 6 '19 at 5:32
  • I used Kindle Paperwhite (bought it about 3 years ago). When I open Mobi on Calibre (windows version ) then typeface is also different... – Bartosh Polonski May 6 '19 at 5:32

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