I am designing a poster for fun, and I was wondering how to go about creating this text effect. I am really new at graphic design so any answer with as much detail would be really appreciated

Text Example

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    1 thin line 1 thicker line + blend tool and then just punch a hole on the letters using the lines – Joonas May 2 '19 at 23:00

It's same as @Joonas said

just uploading it with little more details

Step 1 - draw two straight lines; but keep in mind that second line should be more thicker than 1st line as you can see in below image.

Step 2 - Go to Object-Blend-Blend Options => then choose mode to specific Steps and set steps to 5;

Step 3 - Select both lines and then go to Object-Blend-Make or Ctrl+Alt+B

Step 4 - now you should have pattern like you want after that you can always expand objects by Object-Expand and furthermore can clip it too; Hope it helps :)

enter image description here

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