Does anyone know an image editor that would automatically increase the size of an image from one side as I get nearer and nearer to it (the edge). For example, text editors like Sublime text allow you to scroll downwards even though you might not have text written.
Basically, overscroll but in terms of image size. Imagine I am drawing a line from left to right, when I get near to the image's edge by 20px let's say, it will automatically add 200px for example.

  • I'm sorry, but I find I'm not understanding what you're asking for at all. – GerardFalla May 3 at 17:39
  • Are you perhaps referring to Overscroll? Where the document window will scroll past the image canvas boundaries. Photoshop, by default does not overscroll. But you can turn it on in the Preferences. – Scott May 3 at 17:45
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    Oh so dynamically increasing the actual drawing area. I get it. I'm not aware of anything which does that. – Scott May 3 at 18:00
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    So if you would make a vector application that would let you paint pixel images in the file itself then its possible to do what you ask. – joojaa May 3 at 18:06
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    MyPaint has an "infinite canvas. It does not exaclty behave like you are describing but you can keep drawing to one side. – Rafael May 3 at 18:09

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