I have to tidy up the hair from this (cropped) image. I used the spot healing, Healing Brush and the Patch tool, however, each one presents an issue. The contrast of the hair on the black is creating a hazing or blurring as you can see from the image below.

What can I do to make the healing better?

enter image description here

Original Image
enter image description here


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I would try making a patch

  • Use the Stamp Tool to recover a clean part of the shoulder, making different reference points


  • Make a selection around this clean area and create a Layer Via Copying


  • Move this layer where the hair is and duplicate it until cover all the shoulder area


  • Merge all the duplicate layers and set the opacity to 50%.
  • Use the Eraser Tool to delete the surplus area outside the shoulder and define the hair border


  • Set the opacity to 100% and use the Stamp Tool to fix
  • Click the Lock Transparent Icon and apply a Median filter to remove marks
  • Add a Noise filter


Sometimes retouching an image is not just using a simple tool


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