I am trying to align honeycomb evenly in AI. Attached is a photo but I am trying to change the graphic slightly to create a divider on a menu I am designing. So, the current one I have is too large, and I am not sure if the spacing on it is even correct. Help! Attached are ss of both. The first one is what I am trying to evenly space out, and the second one is already evenly spaced. I could eye it as I usually do, but it is so time consuming! Thanks for your help!

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To properly align everything I would follow the guide from this answer.

Then to create the spacing, just expand everything end Right click → Transform → Transform Each (Alt+Shift+Ctrl+D).

And scale them down 80-90% (make sure both are equal).

scaled down 85%
▲ This is 85%


Or just use stoke on all hexagons. Use the “Align Stroke to Inside” button in the stroke palette. Expand objects when done. Or create a pattern.

enter image description here

Pro tip: to quickly align polygons, use v to grab anchor, not edge, hold Alt to duplicate, then also hold Ctrl while dragging. This will trigger the old snap behavior (less pink distribute guides shown) and will let you slide along edges or precisely at anchors. Hit Ctrl+D to repeat last operation (duplicate + move). Select row/column/diagonal of polys and repeat …

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