When I embed a video (mp4) into a pdf in Acrobat Pro to make an interactive PDF, I am getting black lines down the left and right sides of the video when I play the video. When I scale the video, I get black lines on the top and bottom.

Any ideas how I can stop these from appearing?

  • I have no experience with videos in pdfs, but this also happens with images sometimes. Is it possible to place the video inside a clipping path and crop the edges a tiny bit? Or could you perhaps add a white stroke to the containing box to cover the issue?
    – Wolff
    May 10 '19 at 15:40

There's typically a checkbox in the Add Multimedia dialogue for snap-to-proportions which should make the windowing for the video exactly on the correct bounds; there's also a checkbox area (under advanced options) for whether there is a border drawn around the video or not, and if yes, the stroke weight.

Where this lives and how it looks is extremely dependent upon which version of Acrobat Pro you're using (IX, XI, DC) so it's not worth the time for me to detail the where-in-the-menu-hierarchy-it-lives stuff - but I can tell you I just tested on my machine (Win 10, Acrobat XI Pro) and had no trouble controlling this parameter.

Hope this helps.

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