I am using Illustrator 2018 on Windows.

I have designed a custom ttf font from scratch in Fontlab Studio 5 for a specific project I am working on in Illustrator 2018.

Illustrator displays my fonts metrics exactly as I have set them within Fontlab but I also need a custom Leading setting.

I asked about this in a separate post and I was told to use the TypoLineGap setting within Fontlab which I did but Illustrator does not use my setting. No matter what setting I make in Fontlab Illustrator does not change the Leading.

For example, if I set the TypoLineGap to 400 or -400, or even + or - 1000 the Leading in Illustrator does not change, it remains the same.

This is extremely frustrating so is there a setting within Illustrator that I have missed or do not know about?

  • I should have mentioned that I checked that Fontlab was actually applying the TypoLineGap setting by using Fontlabs Preview panel so I know my generated font has my custom TypoLineGap setting. – belinea2010 May 11 at 1:25

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