I'm having a new problem I haven't experienced before. After designing a poster in Illustrator, I import it into Photoshop to flatten/downsave. In my original ai file, I have embedded psd files with masked areas. After opening in Photoshop, the masked area shows faintly. masked area visible

In the past, I've used this image before in the same way without issues. Is there a workaround or way to fix it without going back to the original .psd file and deleting the background instead of masking it?

  • Is it an opacity mask or clipping mask in Illustrator? If opacity mask.. is the black 100%CMYK?? – Scott May 15 at 4:38
  • I open a pic in Photoshop, used a layer mask to "get rid" of background, and saved as PSD. Then when I need it, I drag into Illustrator and embed. Then I need to downsave/flatten the .ai file, so I open it in PS to flatten and save. In the original .psd and .ai files, the background is not visible, but when I open the .ai in PS, the background is visible. – Morgan May 15 at 16:36
  • Is the layer mask in Photoshop 100% black? It somewhat appears that it may be 98% or 99% black. – Scott May 15 at 16:48
  • It is 100% black. I've used this file in the same way before and not had this issue. I got a new computer at work recently and my Adobe programs are glitching and running slower than before, so I'm hoping that is the issue. I'm contacting IT. – Morgan May 15 at 17:44

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