I have a strange problem and I have tried all sorts suggestions from the net but nothing works.

I am using: Photoshop 2018 Illustrator 2018 Fontlab Studio 5 Windows.

I am working on a font that I have created but when I Copy & paste the letter "o" into Fontlab Studio the center of the "o" is not rendered (see image).

Here is how I created the font.

  1. Created the each letter in Photoshop. Width: 331 px Height: 300 px Resolution: 300 px/inch

Used quick selection tool to find the edges of the character then create Work Path. I then export work path to Illustrator.

2. Opened the Work Path from Photoshop in Illustrator and selected "Make Compound Path". I then copied the character to my art board and resized it to fit my font guidelines.

  1. Ctrl C to copy the font and then in Fontlab open the character "o" Glyph and Ctrl V to paste my font into the Glyph.

Then I Generate the font, install it within Windows and test it within my program of choice.

But.. No matter what I do I get the same result, a black circle not a letter "o"? Example

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Your "o" character should be made up of 2 shapes, the outer, and the inner circle. You need to set one to be a fill, and another one not to be. This is done by setting the direction of the path. To do this, select the inner shape and go to Contour-->Reverse Contour

  • Is this done within photoshop or Illustrator? May 16, 2019 at 21:52
  • 2
    @belinea2010 those steps are done within FontLab, after you paste the glyph...
    – Pepe Ochoa
    May 17, 2019 at 17:53

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