I want to learn how to create this shape in illustrator. What are the ways to create this with perfect geometry?

I tried to create a part of the shape and used rotate duplicate method but I can't achieve the desired results. I want to just learn how to create such graphics, not for commercial use, just for learning purposes.

enter image description here

  • OK. This seems to be appeared in the question, too. Remember: non-commercial usage also needs a license. A copy is a copy, no matter do you sell it or do you give it or show it for free. – user287001 May 16 '19 at 19:03
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    I rolled this back. The image goes a long way to explaining what you are trying to do and I feel is imperative to the question. The additional text explaining the purpose makes it clear that you are just seeking knowledge :) This, I think, qualifies as "editorial usage" and "fair use". Nothing is being gained by the use of the image other than explanation. I don't think using it in this manner is an issue and it HAS the watermark. So, if anything it's an advertisement for Shutterstock. – Scott May 16 '19 at 21:05

The key is working with symbols. This will allow you to edit the shape later to reach the desired form.

start with a basic shape

enter image description here

Convert the shape to symbols and do the copy-paste-rotate trick several times to get the circle.

enter image description here

Finaly edit the symbol to get the shape ajusted to your desire. Break the link to symbols to add different colors.

enter image description here

  • The drawing actually uses spirals – joojaa May 16 '19 at 18:07

I will not show you how to recreate the graphic, since it is clearly copyright, and I would advise against copying it. However I will add an answer for personal practice/educational purposes only.

Anyway, using the rotate and copy method which you already mentioned is exactly how such a design would be created.

What you might not be aware of is that these are in fact segments of spirals.

enter image description here


So I've two things to add to this discussion:

First, a method for generating radial arrays of shapes to make "such perfect shapes".

The big initial circle is for reference only; the guides crossing at it centre are fro snapping. I grouped my initial single squiggle and its two associated dots, selected the Rotate Tool, and with it selected, left-clicked once at the intersection of the guidelines I'd drawn at the circle's centre. This shifts the rotate tool's centre-of-action. I then rotated a duplicate of the initial squiggle-and-dots.

enter image description here

Rinse and repeat till satisfied.

enter image description here

Delete centre reference circle, select opposing pairs of elements, and recolour as needed for best effect.

enter image description here

And secondly, the shutterstock licensing info:

Shutterstock Licensing

So if you want to use their design content, this is what it will cost you to do so. As @user287001 so correctly commented, even if you redraw that other designer's work yourself, that woulds still be a literal copying of their copyrighted designwork - and either you pay up-front for the license, or you pay way more later when you get sued and they handily win, getting both back licensing fees and liquidated damages - really not a worthit approach at all, morally, legally or financially.

Hope this helps.

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