I'm pretty new to creating GIFs and video effects so please excuse my ignorance. I searched for 2-3 hours for a simple tutorial on this but it is difficult to find.

Would anyone know how I can do this simple task: I have an image divided into 4 sections. I want each section to "fly in" from outside the screen into view, one right after the other until all 4 pieces are there. I don't want the video to loop.

I have the entire Adobe suite so I can use anything they have. I started creating it in Photoshop as a GIF and I assumed I could probably add the "Fly in" effect to each section of the image but it seems Photoshop doesn't have such capabilities for GIFs.

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The easiest way in Photoshop is making a Video Timeline Animation


  • Open the Timeline Panel and click the Create Video Timeline button

    Convert Video Timeline

  • Put all the illustration objects at the origin position

  • At the timeline panel, expand the timeline of one of the objects to see the options
  • With the playhead at frame 0, click the Position chronometer icon to add a keyframe; a yellow diamond will appear at the timeline.
  • Place the playhead at the last frame and add another position keyframe
  • Move the object to the final position
  • Play the animation
  • Repeat with all the objects

enter image description here

Note: This illustration is made with vector objects, the animation is built at the vector mask position

To make the animation one after the other, the order of appearance of the objects in the timeline must be staggered after each animation, as is shown in the lower image:


  • Hi there, thank you sooo much Danielillo! This was exactly what I needed to know. Very helpful! Have a great day. May 16, 2019 at 18:53

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