I am laying out a report in InDesign where the writing and graphics are being created at the same time. I have placed the text as a linked file and flowed it into the text frames and am creating the graphics directly in InDesign. Since the report is being written as the graphics are being created, I would like to be able to anchor the graphics to the report text so that they will reflow with the text as the Word file is updated. However, when I update the link, it removes the anchored objects and the graphics along with them.

Is there a way to update the Word file without losing the anchored object? Or alternatively, is there another way to fix the position of the graphic elements relative to the text so that they will shift when text is edited in Word?

I'm using InDesign CC 2019 and the latest version of Word.

Thanks all for your help.

  • I am not sure working with a linked Word file is the best approach here. This Word to InDesign live update may fail in more places than you'd probably expect. – Lucian May 17 at 19:35

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