How can I change the profile of a dashed stroke?

Here's a little swatch to show what I mean:

enter image description here

  1. On top is a copy of #2, with the Dashed Line option selected.
  2. In the middle is a simple horizontal line (stroke); just a straight, open path consisting of two aligned nodes and a tapered Profile.
  3. Below is a resized version of #2 with Weight reduced, repeated 13 times. It's supposed to be similar to #1, but with a tapered profile applied to each dash/segment of the stroke.

What I want to do is #3. It's easy enough to do it manually for a single straight line, but it gets difficult real fast when you start dealing with more complex objects, even relatively simple, well defined shapes like letters for instance:

enter image description here

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I think it's not possible with a dashed stroke. Make a Pattern Brush instead:

Pattern Brush

Brush Options


Once the brush is applied, it's possible to change options from the Stroke Panel:

Stroke Panel

Fix the conflict corners editing the brush and changing the flip axis:

conflict corners

Or add a minim dash to the brush shape and change the dash alignment:

dash alignment

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    There's no conflicts in corners if you break the paths at the corners with the scissors tool. It's also useful to insert space in the brush options and allow stretching, if there's a long space.
    – user82991
    Commented May 19, 2019 at 23:01

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