I want to add a blur or rounded rectangle to only the white rectangle layers, which are behind the text.

Trying rounded rectangle with the layer selected, only modifies the main layer.

I have tried using a Layer Mask (white), putting the mask to selection, and applying the filter to the mask, then apply the mask... Is Layer Mask = White the wrong option?

Applying the Layer Mask does not work; it just shows the original layer.

When I apply the rounded rectangle to the mask, it rounds the mask, but on apply, it doesn't change the actual Layer.

Is there any way that I can crop to Layer Mask?

Any tips for a frustrated noob? I've tried following these tutorials, without success: How to apply a filter to a layer and its mask at the same time (in a single pass)?enter image description hereenter image description here

  • Using a mask (and blurring it) depends on two things: 1) how it is initialized (transfer the layer's alpha channel, vs pretty much all other choices) and 2) whether the layer boundary extends beyond the visible part (try Layer>layer to image size).
    – xenoid
    May 24, 2019 at 16:40

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With layer masks, white equals visible and black equals invisible for the content of the layer they are attached to. The description above doesn't mention using black color anywhere, so I assume this wasn't done.

A possible approach with a rounded rectangle would be to use a black layer mask initially, and then fill a rounded rectangle with white.

Seems overly complex for this case, but works as well if the result wouldn't be rounded white rectangles.


A simple solution:

  • Select each rectangle in turn
  • Make a rectangle selection on the rectangle, with rounded corners and/or feathering
  • Select>Invert, Delete

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