I have a rectangle cut from in the middle diagonally. The cutting stroke is rounded. So the rectangle edges should also be rounded I felt. The question here is, do I round the top-left and bottom-right corners or all corners that are made due to the cutting?

Here's a quick video (converted to GIF) I made to better explain things (ignore the "pattern," it was unintentional while converting):

Video to explain my question

Basically, here are the different versions: The variations to choose from, with different corners

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    I'd say it depends on the effect you want to apply. If you want your square to be seen as cut in the middle, I wouldn't round the top-right and bottom-left corners. BUT... I find the option 3 more aesthetically pleasing thanks to the rounded corners (completely subjective of course). Maybe if the "cut" was larger you could round every corner? Something like this: i.imgur.com/rhzmMRY.png (sorry if the comment is too noisy, just trying so share my useless thoughts :D) – Clafou May 27 at 16:12

Not really,

  • the shadow of the stroke indicates that it's above the square
  • the width of the stroke together with its shadow is wider than the rounded edge and hides it

enter image description here

If the top shape has rounded corners it will make a separate entity, it will no longer be a square with a stroke on it but two triangles and a stroke:

enter image description here

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