I have the following exercise:

enter image description here

And here is a demonstration of how to apply those typography rules:

enter image description here

I am not familiar with the term folio leading and cannot find anything useful on it on the Internet. What does it mean? Or can you deduce its meaning from the above?

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You need ask whomever is assigning this task for their definition of "folio" in this usage.

"Folio" traditionally never means type size or anything related to type size. The only possible use of the word "folio" in relation to type, is page numbering. Sometimes page numbers can be referred to as "folios". Otherwise, "folio" revers to the actual pages, i.e. sheets of paper/stock.

Folio is also the name of a typeface from Linotype... So, it's feasible that all those specifications are as they relate to the Folio typeface specifically.


According to the image, "folio" is what they are referring to as the fine print. Therefore "folio leading" would be the leading (the line spacing) of the folio copy.

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