I create a GIF in FFmpeg using a custom color palette. Since custom color palette significantly reduces the size of the GIF I want to keep it as restricted as possible.

The GIF I'm trying to convert has white and two shades of blue. I assume there are also transitional colors, like a mix of white and blue to make the logo smoother on the edges. I don't know how many colors in the palette I need to create a good looking GIF.

Is there a way to calculate color palette size based on main colors?

Here are two GIFs for comparison with 8 and 16 color palette accordingly. Can someone explain why 8 colors produces dithering, distorts colors and 16 does not?

8 color palette GIF

16 color palette GIF


The biggest reduction you can make in a gif size is reducing the number of frames and modifying the playing time of each.

  • Your original gif has more than 420 frames, many of them repeated
  • The size is approximately 290kb

  • This gif has 160 frames
  • Size: 139 kb

enter image description here

enter image description here

  • Thank you for your answer, but I'm interested in color palettes. I know that decreasing FPS will decrease the size. I made it as low as possible to preserve the smoothness of the animation, if it gets below 23 FPS - it looks laggy. – Peter May 30 at 17:31

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