I have some experience in Photoshop and I have always been passionate about this area but never understood how to make this kind of T-shirts? enter image description here

I'd like to make a customized T-shirt, just like what I want, and then go to a special company to do it to me, but how should I do the design? What format? Please, I never understood. I understand that something vector, must be done but it was not concrete. Thank you!

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    1) They are printed on flat, uncut, fabric and then made into a t-shirt. 2) because of #1, the price for these style shirts is much, much, greater than merely silkscreening an existing t-shirt. 2) Unless you are ordering hundreds, or thousands, of shirts it would not be cost effective. 4) There's no "requirement" that the artwork be vector. – Scott May 31 at 22:46
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    With digital printing, they can be cost effective. But the overall process is that you described. – Rafael May 31 at 22:53
  • Printing can be more cost effective than traditional methods, yes. :) But then the sewing and stitching drives the price up beyond the purchase price of pre-manufactured t-shirts. – Scott May 31 at 23:04
  • On the bonus side you get to design the actual dimensions of the shirt too. – joojaa Jun 1 at 4:59

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