In the current Scribus version 1.5.5.svn, I am adding an additional spot color as follows:

Edit --> Color and Fills... --> Add --> name and select "is spot color" --> OK

I can then use this color on certain elements and export my project as e.g. PDF. But when I load the PDF it does show me another name for the color: FromPDF#009ee3. Also it doesn't show me that I have marked it as overprinting.

I need this for partial refinement in printing. Does anybody know a solution?

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You probably did something "wrong".

Colors named "FromPDF..." are created when importing things from a PDF.

Without seeing the .sla file and the .pdf it's hard to say where the problem is, but I would that you did not apply the spot color to the given shape. For some reason...

If you still have no clue what did go wrong, you can create a new file with a simple shape, create a spot color, apply the spot color, export it to PDF. If you the result is now correct, compare what you did in the two projects.

If you get again a wrong result, please share the sample .sla and .pdf so that we can see what you did and we can try ourselves.


Just found the issue. When exporting the pdf, you have to select output intended for printer as seen below in the picture, else the color (doesn't matter if you have made it a spot color or named it) will not be shown as it needs to be shown in the pdf.

enter image description here

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    Realize that the PDF viewing application makes a world of difference. Since most average users are never using spot colors, most user-level PDF viewers are not designed to recognize or show spot colors. This includes things like ALL browser plug ins, Apple's Preview, etc.. You need a more robust viewer such as Reader or Acrobat.
    – Scott
    Commented Jun 4, 2019 at 16:55

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