Photo is attached I need to do this table edge effect with shadows etc.enter image description here But how can I do it?

"gray table edge"

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Alright, no worries. In case you are using Illustrator.

Step 1: Apply Gradient Colour
Step 2: Extrude and Bevel
Step 3: Drop Shadow

Detailed Process:

Step One - Apply Correct Gradient Colour
a. Draw the table's edge, go to swatches > swatch libraries > gradients > metals
b. Choose the silver or stainless steel gradient and make colour adjustments.

Color Gradient - Steel Edge

Step Two - Extrude and Bevel
a. Selecting your edge, go to Effect > 3D > Extrude and Bevel
b. Position: Front, Bevel: Cope, Bevel: Extent Out, Surface: Plastic Shading
c. Adjust Colours as required.

3D Edge Effect

Step Three - Drop Shadow
a. Effect > Stylize > Drop-shadow
b. Make Adjustments

Applying Drop Shadow

That's all. Hopefully, you got the technique.

Sorry for not applying 100% same colours, and shadow; the main purpose was to guide you with the technique.

Good luck :)

  • not exact same but thanks – berkin Jun 9 at 12:47

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