enter image description hereI saw this on social media and was wondering if someone could help me recreate it?

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It won't work with the emboss because it overshadow's (haha) the stroke. I think they used two inner shadows (one white on lighten, one black on multiply) for the relief effect, a regular white stroke and drop shadow. You'll have to play around abit with the adjustments. Also it seems like they upped the saturation of the text (see at the H) with an Adjustment Layer > Hue/Saturation (use the mask to select only the text)

Since the background picture is a bit too detailed it doesn't look the same. I'm also not sure if my method IS the same as used in your image but at least it comes close.

enter image description here


1, prepare background and text layer, use appropriate text font and size. enter image description here

2, in layers panel, lower text layer's FILL to 0.

3, in layers panel, double click text layer's blank area(or right click->blending options), create some shadow. enter image description here

4, now do some emboss effect: enter image description here

5, now white edge: enter image description here

6, All effects are done. Now fine tune all done effects in step 3~5 until satisfaction.


Follow these steps:

  1. Create a new file and adjust the file size as per your requirement.

  2. Now, create a new layer for background. Then, select the image tool for taking image or paint bucket tool for fill the background.

  3. Select the background layer and add gradient with Layer > Layer Styles > Gradient Overlay and reduce the opacity 8%.

  4. Now, add text through type tool and make it transparent.

  5. Select the text layer and click “Layer” >Layer Style> Stroke. Similarly, add gradient and shadow in the text. Now it's done…

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