The grid in the background here

Ideally I'd like it to follow a bezier path so I can change the shape and find what I like best.


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Yes, I have also faced this problem and come to a solution, which may help you:

  1. Open Figma.
  2. Draw a rectangle
  3. Select a pen tool with P on your keyboard or the help of mouse.
  4. Draw desired shape with your pen tool
  5. Go to the right-hand side toolbar and select stroke, and then follow below steps in stroke field.
  6. Increase the width of the line by dragging with the mouse right or by typing number with your keyboard. In my example, 5 was suitable.
  7. Now click to the menu bar (three dots), and change CAP option from None to Round.
  8. And finally, fill the Daskes field with [dash, gap]. 1,20 was suitable for me.

I created a video on YouTube for more clarification.

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It's (surprisingly) not possible to do in Figma. You can do it in Sketch the same way as Illustrator:

  1. Draw a path with the Vector tool (V) or Pencil tool (P) - preferably the Vector tool, with which you can just add a few points and you have a more precise control of the line
  2. Adjust the Thickness value in the Borders panel - that will be the size of the dot.
  3. click the Cog icon in Borders and select round Ends, round Joints and adjust Dash & Gap values: Dash will be the dot (use 1 to make it a circle) and Gap will be the distance between the dots (it will depend on the length / thickness of your line)
  4. duplicate the line and adjust the shapes / positions
  5. Optional step: Adjust the Opacity of the lines (in your example the further lines to the right have lower opacity value)

You can't do it with Figma but it's possible with Sketch:

Install Sketch Install Looper plugin via this link: http://sureskumar.com/looper Create your desired shape Convert it to Figma Enjoy it:)

  1. Install Sketch
  2. Install Looper plugin via this link: http://sureskumar.com/looper
  3. Create your desired shape ( here is some tutorial to do this: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzm9iVAvS9rVn5ZyZSbrIVQ/videos)
  4. Convert it to Figma
  5. Enjoy it:)

Figma is a great plugin to make complicated designs and I'm sure it can help you.

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