I used the color picker tool to sample a color in one Photoshop document. The rgb returned was (1, 81, 144) - a shade of blue.

enter image description here

In a separate Photoshop document, I want to set the fill of a shape to my sampled color, so I click on the fill icon and go to the color picker. When I enter the rgb here, the color returned is not the same color. It's a shade of blue, but not the correct blue.

enter image description here

I've checked the color on w3schools color picker, and I'm clearly not getting the same color. I know I doing something, but can't figure it out. What am I missing here?

I'm on the latest CC version of Photoshop, Release 20.0.5

enter image description here

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Your first document seems to 8 bit rgb while second seems to be 32 bit . there will be a lot of changes in color if you will change bit density of documents.

please make sure you created your new document with color mode RGB - 8 Bit :)

Figure 1 : color in RGB 8

enter image description here

Figure 2 : Same color in RGB 32

enter image description here

Solution : while creating new document go to the Color Mode tab and if there is 32 bit change it to 8 bit and create new document and you should be fine to go with your desired color results :)

  • Yes, that's correct. Thanks for the help, much appreciated.
    – MichaelvE
    Commented Jun 20, 2019 at 3:27
  • @MichaelvE Glad it resolved your issue :)
    – Mr.Online
    Commented Jun 20, 2019 at 3:30

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