How can I create a shape using the pen tool inside of a logo I traced? I am trying to make the airplane in this vector file a different color from the rest of the A. Everything I am doing with the pen tool or Path -> Join does not seem to isolate the airplane shape. enter image description here


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If you merely want to color the inside areas of the plane.... (Your question isn't clear).

First, you must Expand the trace by clicking the EXPAND button on the control bar across the top of the screen.

If you did NOT choose the Ignore white option when tracing....

Merely use the Direct Selection Tool (white arrow) to click the plane and change the fill color....

enter image description here

If you DID choose the Ignore White option when tracing...

Use the Direct Selection Tool (white arrow), and hold down the Option/Alt key and click the path around the inner area. Once only that path is selected choose Edit > Cut. If the middle is still white. Do it again.. until the center of the plane fills in with the red color.

Then, still using the Direct Selection Tool, click the red area of the plane and choose Edit > Paste In Front from the menu. You'll see the shape appear, but it'll be red. merely change it's fill color now.....

enter image description here


You should redraw the inner shape using the Pencil and the Pen Tool in a duplicate to isolate the plane.

  • Use the Pencil and make a line following the bottom side of each wing to eliminate the parts below.
  • Use the Pen Tool to eliminate the surplus vector points

wings 1

  • Select the image and make the same with the top part
  • Use the Direct Selection Tool to move up the top points outside the plane and delete them

wings 2

  • Select the top point and delete it
  • Use the Direct Selection Tool to select the top left points and press Cmd + J Mac or Ctrl + J Win to join them
  • Do the same with the right points

top part

  • Put this shape on top of the original and change the color


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