Disclaimer: I am new to Indesign scripting, please bear with me

I am looking for a marker" in a text, enclosed in brackets. I use grep for this, as I don't know the length of my marker

app.findGrepPreferences.findWhat = "\\\[\\\[.+\\\]\\\]";

After finding the marker I would like to place an image, depending on the content of the marker, at its position inline, with a different image every time. This I know how to do, if I wish to have it at the end of the text

myRect = myDocument.rectangles.add();
myRect.place(new File("/c/someimage.png"), false);
myRect.anchoredObjectSettings.insertAnchoredObject(myTextFrame.parentStory.insertionPoints.item(-1), AnchorPosition.INLINE_POSITION);

Now how do I get the image to live instead of my marker? The main focus of my question ist the positioning of the rectangle

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