I have hundreds of images in a folder in bridge. I have tagged them alternatively by colour. The first bunch as Yellow, the second as Blue the third as Yellow again and so forth. I want to copy each bunch in separate folders and rename the folder to the name of the first file in the folder. Is there a script that can automate this process?

Thank you!

  • i never tried Bridge but if your files are in windows explorer than i can make a script and please add some extra details like structure of your folder and etc :D – Design Phoenix Jul 3 at 10:28
  • Hey Design Phoenix! Sorry for the late reply, I got caught up with a lot of work. So, my files are also in the windows explorer. I use them in Bridge to colour tag them. eg. I have, say 600 images in the folder named from 12-001, 12-002, 12-003...... till 12-600. I have to move the first 20 images in the first folder and name the folder 12-001(the folder name will be the name of the first file of the folder). Then I might have to move the next 12 images in the second folder and the name it 12-021. Then say I might have to move the next 8 images in the third folder, name it 12-033 and so on. – Ab Pro yesterday
  • How I use Bridge is that I tag the first bunch with a colour tag. So all the images in the first bunch can be red, then the second bunch would be green, then the third will be red again and so on. Sometimes, in case of special files, I tag them red and yellow for one group and Green with special files as Blue. Bridge becomes a really easy tool for the colour tagging process while I am looking at the thumbnails. – Ab Pro yesterday
  • What I am looking for, is a process to automate all of this. So that a script can identify the colour tags, and put them in alternate folders and also rename the folder as the name of the first file in it. Let me know if it is possible! Do let me know if you need more clarity on the work. And thank you for replying! :D – Ab Pro yesterday
  • Forget about bridge!! this can be done easily by scripting along with any adobe software like photoshop etc! well lets just let me make a demo for script. it might not be accurate but just let me know in comment that what further enhancement it will need :D – Design Phoenix yesterday

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