To quickly paste the same design over 40 different color backgrounds https://i.imgur.com/pdAlMv5.png

I did

1) Effect>Distort&Transform>Transform = Horizontal Move 1in. Copies 7

2) Effect>Distort&Transform>Transform = Vertical Move 1in. Copies 7

I have to do this with over 100 designs so I am trying to automate this process with actions. Effects are non-recordable so I have to insert it manually which I'm having trouble with.

I inserted the Effect>Distort&Transform>Transform but I don't know how to plug in the "Horizontal Move 1in. Copies 7" https://i.imgur.com/qJR4zlr.png

  • i think script can do this rather than action :D – Mr.Online Jul 8 '19 at 3:17

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