I am using this template. I can change everything, however I can't find the right option to change the color of the page numbers. The default is blue.

I tried to read the official adobe guide, but I can't find the answe to my question there. And I am still learning to use Id. Probably there are some functions I am missing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

How can I change the color of those little squares?


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It's on the masterpage B (In the pages panel. Window -> pages). There you can simply select the square and change the color.

enter image description here


Could be that they are in the Master Pages? On your right hand-side, there is your "Pages" menu. On top you can find the Master Pages. Double click on Master A, and you'll be able to edit the number pages.


There are two full-spread page masters in this template, and the B-Master is the one applied to all the internal pages, containing the page numbering square - once you have that page master onscreen, you can change the colour of the underlying square quite easily.

hope that helps.

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