The following dialog (in GIMP 2.10) shows two different R, G, B values for "Pixel" and "RGB" settings:

GIMP Pointer Dialog

Why are they different?

I assume that "Pixel" means the pixel value as stored in the image (in this case, Display P3), and "RGB" is one of the standard color spaces such as sRGB, is that correct? Is that documented somewhere?

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A quick experiment show that RGB(%) is

  1. independent of the image mode (linear or gamma-corrected)
  2. identical to pixel in a gamma-corrected image

So the Pixel is the internal data representation, and RGB(%) if the equivalent RGB triplet for your usual color representation. An experiment you can do is:

  • make two copies of the same image, one gamma-corrected, the other one linear
  • set the foreground color to some RGB value

Paint both images:

  • they will visually have the same color
  • the RGB value of what you painted will be identical on both images
  • it will also be the RGB values you set in the Foreground color selector
  • the Pixel values will be different
  • in the linear image, you will find that RGBgamma=Pixel (where gamma is around 2.2)

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