I wanted to add textures/pattern overlays to my Thumbnail text on vector layers(similar to paint brushes on rasterlayers ) in Krita 4.15.

There is an option provided under the Text_ToolOptions menu to add patterns but on activating it ,no changes can be seen in the text.

Under the patterns panel (under toolbar), a pattern can be selected but the selected pattern doesnot show up in the text .

Just to clear things up ,is there the option to add add textures/pattern overlays to my Thumbnail text on vector layers? enter image description here

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Textures can be added to Text in Krita by applying them via a Separate layer and then blending them with the "Overlay" mode.

1.Add Text as a Vector layer and then convert it to a Paint layer (as Krita doesn't recognise filters on Vector layers).
2.Add a Paint layer above the text layer and fill it with the necessary texture by going to Edit>Fill with Pattern
3.The texture layer will have a default "Normal" blend mode , change it to "Overlay".

The Texture will be applied to the Text.
enter image description here

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