I have no experience in panting and drawing but I would like to start learning it in digital media. Are there any books, websites, or tutorials which teach digital painting and drawing? I use Corel Painter, but I do not want tutorials about how to use the software.


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Have you tried Corel Painter´s portal? https://learn.corel.com/painting-tutorials/

Or youtube? https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=corel+painter


I'm only going to tackle the online part, here are some of my favorites and I'll probably add to it when I have a bit more time:

  • Ctrl-paint is a library of free videos which covers both the traditional knowledge and the digital part

  • Look for artists who do online streaming to see how they work. If they're live, you might be able to ask a question or two about their process. Here's a link for Twitch but I'm guessing there are others on other services.

  • Lynda.com has a few paid courses about digital painting

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