I want to know if the meaning of communication design is the same as design communication?

  • First is design used for better communicating what you want to get across (think infographics, readable pie charts) while second is design that have it's own meaning (think silver in Apple or rounded cars that are sold as "for women") – SZCZERZO KŁY Jul 16 '19 at 8:35
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    Depends entirely on who is using the terms and context. Is "Family friendly" the same as "Friendly family"? – Scott Jul 16 '19 at 16:21
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Communication design is what one does when he thinks how to communicate, what to communicate and with whom to communicate. The communication itself is under planning, it has not yet happened.

Some goals of communication design

  • catch the attention of people to be able to input something
  • input to people ideas that they wouldn't get without external impulses
  • show to people ways to act due the feeded ideas

Marketing efforts need communication designers. As useful they are for ambitious politicians. History shows that clever communication can create a new truth which looks out so real and important that people lose their individuality and behave together like an ox who rushes where its head is turned to.

Design communication happens when different persons co-operate in a design project and exchange data, ideas and opinions. The communication actually happens. Actually no design team can be effective without well working communication. The team communicates between its members, the client, their organizational management and their service providers.

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In 1973, I got a degree from University of Illinois Circle campus in Communications Design, what it was called back then.

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