I want to start digital art.These both tablets are in the same price point and I do not know which of these I should buy. Please tell me with adequate points on which one you think is better and why..please do remember I have no past experience with drawing tablets.Please say I have only a few days left to buy

  • Hi. Welcome to GDSE. Huion has a page on their website where you can compare the features of their products. – Billy Kerr Jul 16 at 16:05
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You will not get here purchase recommendations. You should read comparison reviews and generally get a picture what makes one better than the other. Response time lag, accuracy, ergonomy, durability, cost, etc... Start by reading these stories:



Nothing quarantees that a single writing doesn't push one certain model.

Many webshops have feedback log. From there you can read what has got broken. As well you get difficult to quantify info such as "excellent device, recommended!" or "did not work!"

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