I have an image that I need to split up into multiple smaller tile pieces. Each tile piece should be in its own layer. While I could manually create each layer, this would take a very long time, considering I'm working with almost 100 small tiles. If it helps, these tiles are square and of constant size (16x16 pixels).

I thought the guillotine tool from this question might help, and while it does cut along the guides, it creates new documents for each tile piece.

Is there a tool built-in to GIMP similar to guillotine which allows me to cut the image in-place into layers? I'm using GIMP 2.8.22.

Here are 2 images describing the process I'd like to replicate with a tool (the layer names are irrelevant).



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If they are all the same size; you can avoid setting up guides. See the ofn-layer-tiles script.

If you want to use guides, see the ofn-guillotine-layer script.

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