I have an Illustrator file with several artboards as attached.

In particular I have an artboard that contains all the others. The other artboards concern the individual objects to be exported.

I need to export the coordinates of the artboards containing the objects to a file (csv, txt, etc.). The origin 0,0 is set in the top left vertex of the artboard that contains them all.

I think it's a pretty simple thing to do with a script but I don't know where to start.

Does anyone have suggestions?

enter image description here

  • Download the javascript reference and look up what artboard object has in it.
    – joojaa
    Jul 17, 2019 at 11:43

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I did some tests and I think I found a solution with the following script. Essentially I did a loop to retrieve the values ​​from the artboardRect property and save them in csv.

I hope it's useful to someone :)

alert ('Artboard num: '+app.activeDocument.artboards.length);

//Open a new text file.
var myTextFile = File.saveDialog("Save CSV As", undefined);
//If the user clicked the Cancel button, the result is null.
if(myTextFile != null){
  //Open the file with write access.
  myTextFile.writeln('Artboard, x, y\n');

  for (i=0; i<app.activeDocument.artboards.length; i++) {
    // .. using each by indexed number
    // .. and what you want to know is
    // "artboardRect: Size and position of artboard"
    r = app.activeDocument.artboards[i].artboardRect;
    n = app.activeDocument.artboards[i].name;
    // now r holds the coordinates:
    //alert ('name:'+n+'\n x:'+r[0]+'\n y:'+ Math.abs(r[1]));


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