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I want to design this poster but couldn't figure out how can I make shoe designs inside alphabets and change color texture in alphabets?

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    Please share what you have tried and why it is failing. – Scott Jul 22 at 0:51
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    Instead of adjusting the shape of existing alphabetic characters, look at your example again and consider taking a texture block and create the characters themselves by “cutting” shoe shapes out of the texture. – Kess Vargavind Jul 22 at 8:06
  • Is Adobe a software or place? – joojaa Jul 22 at 8:57
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Find or draw a silhouette of a shoe, and use the path finder Minus Front to subtract it from a shape.

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Use the finished letter shape as a clipping mask on top of a raster image. Select both, then do Object > Clipping Mask > Make, or press Ctrl+7

enter image description here

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