I'm designing a web site and wanted to ask what is the best program to show a prototype that includes animations.

for example: https://www.behance.net/gallery/81681807/Poop-Bake-it-social


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    What have you tired? Why is that failing? – Scott Jul 26 at 19:29
  • i tired aftereffects and premiere but it's really complicated to do it right, so i wonder if there any other programs that can make it easier. – or noga Jul 26 at 19:50
  • Well animation is a entirely different profession form graphic design. Animation is generally a step up in technical know how. So now the answer is yeah there are different tools, but they dont give you full freedom of choice. If what you showed was what you needed than it should be easy in any animation software (your just not an animator), – joojaa Jul 26 at 20:38
  • Can you edit to clarify whether you want to show a page containing animations, or an animation that shows the changes that happen because of the user interaction? – Volker Siegel Jul 31 at 4:24

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