I find it impossible to print only one page of a document.

I select a page in the page menu, right click, but there is no option for print page. How do I fix that?


InDesign CS6

File > Print

Then set the page number of the page you wish to print in the Print Dialog window, specifically the Range field.....

enter image description here

If you are referring to the Pages Panel menu...
The Print Page item in the Pages Panel is available in InDesign CC.
Print Page from the Pages Panel is not part of InDesign CS6.
To "fix" your issue, you would need to upgrade to InDesign CC.

  • Thanks for getting back. I had a feeling CC was the deal. I had a hard time with the regular printing way as above. But, it is working now after a computer restart. Might have another issue, but I'm too burnt to write about it now. Been editing all day and I can't see straight. Thanks again. Suzanne
    – Suzanne
    Jul 30 '19 at 3:38

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