Crop a big image into several small size pictures using GIMP 2.10.10?

I tried the steps suggested in this forum to do the above. Iam not able to find this one working for recent GIMP 2.10 tool. I tried

1) Image > Guides > New Guides (by Percent) at 25% 50% 75% horizontal and vertical resp. This is doable in GIMP 2.10

2) Apply Image > Transform > Guillotine to slice into sub-images

I am not able to find Guillotine under image/transform. Where did this move to in GIMP 2.10?

Do we need to do this slicing differently in GIMP 2.10?

How do I bring the sliced pieces to one canvas?

I tried the steps showed in youtude video for GIMP 2.8, but those steps are not working for GIMP 2.10.

Thanks for your guidance.

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In 2.10 the "Guillotine" is "Slice using guides".

If you want to save/export (and later reload) your image in regular same-size sub-images (aka "tiles") then it can be simpler/faster to use the ofn-tiles script.

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