You need to develop similar characters (clones of a starting one) behaving in the same way (idle, running, falling, etc.), but do not want to animate each one independently. Is there a way to animate the first one and save the behavior, so as to animate the other characters exactly in the same way?

  • is this 2D or 3D? where will this animation going to be created (which software)? The question right now is quite vague, check How to Ask and edit your question to add more details that will make it more answerable. – Luciano Aug 28 at 12:30

You need dedicated software, for example, Cartoon Animator https://www.reallusion.com/cartoon-animator/ or a 3D program

Basically, you can animate the rig of the character and apply that to another one.

Each element of the animation, arms, legs, foot, hand, eyes, etc, are separated from each other and glued together by this rig.

Sometimes due to different proportions, you still need to adapt a bit the resulting animation.

  • Can it be done within Synfig? – nightcod3r Jul 29 at 12:10
  • Hum... I do not use it... – Rafael Jul 29 at 12:12

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