I am trying to create a scatter brush in Illustrator CC that adjusts the tint and shade of the objects in the brush to give me a result like this:

enter image description here

Currently I can only get the scatter brush to look like this:

enter image description here

Here are my settings:

enter image description here

Is this possible? I have been searching online and haven't been able to find a solution yet.

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You can make a scatter brush using not only a circle but several with different shades of gray:

enter image description here

  • 1
    This is awesome. It worked perfectly. I was wondering how brushes such as watercolor are made since they have different tints within the same brush stroke.
    – Angeliss44
    Jul 30, 2019 at 18:19

You can't.

Illustrator scatter brushes don't have any options to vary hue or tints.

  • This seems like such a simple thing for Adobe to have in Illustrator. I might have to give Affinity Designer a try.
    – Angeliss44
    Jul 30, 2019 at 6:56

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