When grouping, how to align the objects in the group with other ungrouped objects, and turn on the smart guideline is invalid. Grouping the B c d three objects together, the group can be aligned A object at the top, but the bottom of B object can not be aligned the bottom of A, how to solve it?

grouping problem image

  • It's because you selecting whole group. If you want to match bound of individual objects then only select that object of the group. In your case select only b and then do bottom matching! – Mr.Online Jul 30 at 14:49
  • I mean, I want to enlarge object B in the group to align the width of object A, meanwhile the other objects c d in the group alongside enlargement. – Mikey the devil Jul 31 at 7:18
  • please can you elaborate more since I'm afraid I'm unable to understand what you trying to do! – Mr.Online Jul 31 at 10:23
  • I am afraid you don't know how to do, I mean to enlarge the object B in the group to resize it as the same size as the object A, so that every object in the group can be enlarged in the proportion of object B. – Mikey the devil Aug 1 at 2:05
  • You just asking us to do resizing but we don't know which type of output you want. the best practice can be upload 2 images. in first draw figures which you have currently and in second image draw figure which you want to achieve and then we can get more into question and can provide answer if possible :) – Mr.Online Aug 1 at 3:18

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