is there any way how to use Transform Each->Scale with specific dimensions instead of percentage (e.g. 2 cm x 1.3 cm)? If I type a specific dimension it just resets the number to the default "100%".


//I meant resizing not scaling, I just reffered to the settings in the Illustrator.

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Illustrator itself can't do it, that's just how it works. From Adobe Illustrator help:

You cannot enter a specific width for scaling multiple objects. In Illustrator, you can only scale objects in percentage measurements.

However John Wundes made this script that you can use to transform with numeric values instead of percentages: https://github.com/johnwun/js4ai/blob/master/setAllTheThings.jsx

I made this script because I could find no native way to set the width of all selected objects to 100px at once.

  • Thank you Luciano, works like a charm with various units of measurement.
    – Fonkey
    Aug 1, 2019 at 13:52

By definition, "scale" means a "percentage of known measurements".

Scale always uses percentages. Scale doesn't accept nor does it calculate exact widths and heights of objects.

If you want to resize an object, or multiple objects, by specific measurements you need to use the Width and Height fields on the Transform Panel or Control Bar. If you are resizing multiple objects, you will probably need to do this one at a time.

Scale is never going to do what you are trying to do unless you manually calculate what percentage you need. i.e. 1.3 is 0.65% of 2, therefore you could enter .65% for the Scale dialog.

  • Hi Scott, that is what I eventually did. I didn't really mean scaling as itself but rather resizing, I just reffered to the settings in the Illustrator.
    – Fonkey
    Aug 1, 2019 at 13:45

Just found this way of doing it... screenshot of contextual menu bar illustrator

Use the 'start editing similar shapes together' with your object selected - it will edit every similar object at the same time...

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