In Illustrator you can quickly rotate objects with the cursor. If you hover close to a corner this rotate tool appears: enter image description here

In Sketch you always have to switch to the rotate tool which I find kind of annoying. Is there a way to get this behavior in Sketch?

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You can press the cmd key while hovering on a corner of a box to make appear a rotation cursor instead of a resize icon and then apply a rotation on it by moving your mouse (it might be the same behavior as the one in Illustrator).

Here's a gif from this article that shows you can also hold shift (while still holding cmd to apply a rotation by 15° each time you drag your mouse.

enter image description here

You can also click and then drag the box that contains the rotation value in the inspector panel (on the right) to quickly apply a rotation on an object without hovering it.

enter image description here

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