This is how WordPress formats a block of verse:

I wonder why does that design suit poetry texts? Why can that combination of typography, spacing, border reflect the poetry effect/ambience?

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    Being in a language which i can read may make a difference. However, there is nothing in that block of text which inherently conveys "poetry" to me. – Scott Aug 8 at 22:30

Wordpress must have followed some existing guideline. For example, wikiHow instructs the following for preparing poems for publication in a magazine:

  • one inch margins on all sides
  • poem title centered or flush left
  • poems are single spaced
  • Justify and indent the text of your poem.

The font they use in the examples is some Courier variation (monospaced font), and they suggest 12pt.

Choose 1-inch (2.5-cm) margins and a 12-point font. Typically, publications want wide margins so that the text is easier to read. You should also choose a standard font that doesn't distract from the poem. Courier is a good choice, and standard for some publications.

Those guidelines come from Writer's Digest, which could be where Wordpress got it from.

  • Yes. This is the kind of answer I'm looking for. So it seems that the monospaced font isn't chosen because the content is poem, but because it's just a clear font to read – Ooker Aug 9 at 10:46

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