graphic design noob here:

I have two plots that I have saved in the .svg format. One is a smaller plot, that I want to overlay on the larger plot. The border background of the smaller plot was set to transparent.

However, I notice when I copy and paste one image onto the other (in Adobe Illustrator for example), the smaller plot does not retain its transparency and has a white border background that blocks features of the larger plot.

What software could I use to overlay two .svg photos without losing transparency?

Thank you

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    If the svg files are vector and there is transparency, theres no reason a background should be introduced merely by a copy/paste operation. I'm afraid, at face value, this question is pretty difficult, if not impossible, to answer without at least some images as examples. (Note that svg is a "container" which can hold raster images so vector shouldn't be assumed.) – Scott Aug 10 '19 at 4:05
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    Is the image contained in the SVG vector or raster? If raster, then what format is it? PNG/JPG or something else? Saving a raster image in SVG does not make it vector. Please edit your question and supply the missing information. Thanks. – Billy Kerr Aug 10 '19 at 12:16

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