I downloaded an image which has a transparent background. The subject has lots of feathering around the edges so selecting the background with the magic wand leaves a substantial gap. How do I remove this gap?

enter image description here

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    It kinda depends on what you actually want from it... if you simply want to place it somewhere else, you could Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C... And then Ctrl+V to paste it somewhere. — If you want to make a perfect selection off of a layer that has transparency/translucency, then simply Ctrl+left click the layer thumbnail. — On Mac replace Ctrl with Cmd.
    – Joonas
    Aug 11, 2019 at 22:45

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1, I create a similar situation as yours, with empty area selected: enter image description here

2, Refine Edge, change view mode as: enter image description here

3, increase Contrast to counter to blurry, don't make it total clear, just make it near clear: enter image description here

4, now push Shift Edge to the right, till you satisfied (depends on how much you want to keep, see step 6), then maybe adjust Contrast a little: enter image description here

5, ctrl+shift+i to invert selection, ctrl+j then you get it: enter image description here

6, Now you get edge corrected, but inside the edge the cloth has lost details. Here's a trick, ctrl+j 10 or 20 times, you'll get back details near perfect, then you could do step 1~5 again (with subtle values) to get a perfect clear edge.

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