I'm using Adobe Acrobat to change colors in a PDF. mrserge's answer avouches 'convert everything to CMYK' by using the 'Map, spot, process colors' Fixup. Is this step truly necessary?

Dietrich von Seggern's never uses the 'Map, spot, process colors' Fixup or converts to CMYK. He merely avouches:

Your issue has to do with the color space. The box in question uses ICCbased RGB - but you are right: just decalibrating it does not suffice.

What you should do is first analyze the box in Preflight. You can do so using the "List page objects grouped by type of object" profile and you can limit that to one page.

The screenshot shows that the color of the box is 0.82/0.81/0.88 in RGB. You can now put that value into the Map colors fixup which needs to be set up for the accurate color space of the object.

  • Different methods exists because there are so many different things designers and print workers wants to do with their files. You'll never find an answer to "which tool to use in all cases". Graphic design is a big jigsaw puzzle. You'll never see the full picture, but the more pieces you learn about the easier it gets. Do you know about print production and inks? – Wolff Aug 19 at 15:54

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