Been looking for this font every where can't seem to find it I'm not sure when this font comes from and what font pack family it originates thank you for anyone's help.

enter image description here

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  • Reminds me of the lettering of Vaughn Bode. – Wolff Aug 16 at 20:31

That's not a "font"

The Os and Gs are different. It is hand drawn type.


See font Disko, marketed by Blue Vinyl, free for personal usage(see NOTE1):

enter image description here

As already said by others, your image is a drawing. "Os and Gs are different" is probably more true than member Scott has intended. A text with font Disko can have been used only as a loose basis for a drawing.

How loose? One comment says that if there's some resemblance, it can be only a coincidence. One test:

enter image description here

I distorted text BAR by stretching horizontally and vertically the bounding boxes of B, A and R until the outlines matched with questioner's image. Then also the holes of the letters fitted. I did no rotation nor warping.

The letters are colored to blue. In the top they are placed on the image, their blending mode=Screen. In the bottom they are moved aside and have blending mode = normal.

I do not believe that simultaneously matching exteriors and interiors got by stretching are a random coincidence. G and O have got new simpler outlines, but the rest resemble too much stretched Disko glyphs.

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    Is that font not simply a coincidental resemblance to the drawing in the question? I can see multiple differences, especially on G. "That's Disko" in your answer simply is not correct right? – mayersdesign Aug 17 at 11:58
  • There's something added about so called coincidence. – user287001 Aug 18 at 7:11

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